Bridge Cranes / Jib Cranes

Bridge Cranes / Jib Cranes


Bridge Crane

Jib Cranes

With a freestanding bridge crane you can lift and transport heavy materials within your facility with either a freestanding bridge crane or ceiling-mounted bridge crane. Various sizes, capacities and options are available to meet your warehouse industrial lift needs.

The versatility of a jib crane is unmatched. Jib cranes can be mounted to your facility floor, foundation, column, pillar or wall to accommodate any space constraints or work plans. Expand the jib crane’s utility further by using it as an auxiliary lifting device under an overhead crane or by attaching a hoist or drive.

HSI   Spanco

Need Installation & Maintenance Services on Bridge Cranes and Jib Cranes?

Berry Material Handling offers installation for bridge cranes, jib cranes,  and all major material handling products as well as custom fabrication for your special projects. We can also tailor preventative maintenance and service programs to identify problems before they arise, helping to reduce costly breakdowns and downtime. We customize the maintenance to fit your needs and provide services including equipment review, lubrication, tightening and adjustments.


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