Battery Regeneration Service

Battery Regeneration Service

Berry Material carries the M1007 and M1007-480 models from Flight Systems, which are custom designed to analyze, desulfate, restore and maintain industrial batteries which are commonly used in forklifts. Let us rejuvenate your batteries and make them like new again.

Benefits of Battery Regeneration

  • Batteries are able to be regenerated as often as needed
  • Save money by regenerating old batteries for your fleet
  • Can extend a forklift battery’s life by 2-5 years depending on proper usage and maintenance

Fork Lift Battery Regeneration Machine

Regenerator Testimonials

“The Xtender Battery Regenerator machines were a complete game changer for our rental fleet. The ability to test multiple batteries without manual data measuring allows us to test batteries in 1/4 of the time as manual methods. The regen process increases the capacity and extends the service life unlike any process we’ve used in the past.”

– Dave

“The amount of money that I saved by regenerating batteries that were marked for the scrap pile paid for the Xtender in less than three months. I have yet to see any other machine on the market that can replicate the Xtender’s capabilities and automation.”

– Randy

“We consistently took batteries that we could not increase the capacity past 60% using our load bank and constant current charger and exceeded an 85-90% capacity after running the same battery on the Xtender.”

– Hank


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