Equipment Service Programs

Equipment Service Programs

Whether you need forklift service for one unit or a fleet – our service department will keep your lifts operational and running smoothly. We are a proud Yale dealer but our skilled technicians can service any make and model of forklift. We also service aerial work platforms. Below are some of the equipment inspections and maintenance plans we offer.

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Forklift Service Programs

A typical lift truck has hundreds of moving parts that can wear to the point of failure if they are not lubricated, adjusted, or replaced on a regular basis. The Yale Tough Test 200 Point Inspection program is designed to expose those neglected areas of your lift truck to help ensure you get the life expectancy out of your forklift.

A well maintained lift truck fleet can help improve the productivity of your material handling operations. From years of experience, we have found our best maintenance practices can make your forklifts more productive through the reduction of unscheduled downtime. By committing to a maintenance schedule recommended by the professional staff at our Kansas shops, and performed by our skilled technicians, you can be assured that your fleet is in good hands.

How would you like to have a fixed, monthly billing program for OM services? With our budget OM program, you can be assured of no spikes in your Operational Maintenance cost for the year. Our Budget OM program is available for all makes of lift trucks.

Reduce unscheduled forklift downtime and extend the life of major assemblies in your lift truck with our Fluid Analysis Service. By having your lift trucks’ fluids analyzed periodically, we can discover early warning signs of accelerated component wear and help reduce unforeseen, expensive repair costs.

We have found that regularly scheduled inspections of forklifts can help reduce unscheduled downtime. Our experienced personnel have the necessary gauges on hand to measure wear that can occur with forks, tires, and load chains. Ask about how our Fork, Tire and Chain inspection programs here in KS can help keep your life trucks operating safely and productively.

One key to maximizing productivity and reducing operator error is an effective Operator Training program. New OSHA regulations require that operators be trained on any lift truck that they may operate. Our training includes:

  • Complete Training Manual
  • O.S.H.A. requirements
  • Fundamentals of Safe Operation
  • Operator Responsibility
  • Operating Environments
  • Characteristics of Lift Trucks
  • Data Plates
  • Load Centers
  • Battery & Propane Safety
  • Pre-Shift Inspection
  • And much more…

Ask us about how our Operator Training Program can benefit your operations.

Maintenance Agreements

Take the guesswork out of maintaining your forklifts. Regular maintenance prevents costly repairs over the life of the vehicle. Our service team will customize an equipment maintenance program that suits your application and usage.


Whether you have one lift or a fleet of forklifts, a Guaranteed Maintenance agreement helps you spend less time worrying about your lift truck productivity and more time on growing your business. Each lift truck operates under unique conditions. We can customize a program to meet your specific maintenance requirements. Every Guaranteed Maintenance program begins with a site inspection to help ensure your fleet meets your specific needs.

Berry Material Handling’s Full Maintenance Program is one of the most comprehensive service coverage plans available. Our Full Maintenance program includes parts and service coverage from fork to counterweight.* Some of the advantages that can be realized through a Full Maintenance Agreement:

  • Reduces opportunity for unbudgeted repair costs
  • Allows for controlled monthly costs via fixed monthly payments
  • Eliminates the need for full time truck staff
  • Redirects resources into core business
  • Reduces administrative costs and paperwork
  • Eliminates parts inventory
  • Eliminates environmental waste issues
  • Increases utilization and productivity
  • Shifts the burden of maintenance to Yale and the Yale Dealer organization
  • Includes all recommended Yale periodic maintenance
  • Takes you out of the forklift business

* Some exclusions apply. See your authorized Yale dealer for details.

As a leading service provider, we understand the importance of reducing surprise service bills so you can focus more on your core business and less time explaining unscheduled downtime and unbudgeted expenditures. Our Core Care program combines an operational maintenance program with parts and service coverage for major assemblies and is available at a monthly rate. *Available on new Hyster® or Yale® units only.