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Choose the Best Battery for Your Machine

Forklifts are an integral and essential part of every warehouse or material handling facility and keeping the batteries of your electric forklifts charged and ready to go is crucial. Forklift batteries typically take around 8 hours to charge, and manufacturers recommend an additional eight hours for battery cooldown before use.

What this means is that if your forklift battery dies at the beginning of the day, it may be out of commission for hours, bringing your work to a halt. Berry Material Handling has a variety of forklift batteries and chargers in stock to keep your warehouse operating at full capacity.

Classic Lithium Batteries

With a significantly reduced charge time, lithium batteries get your fleet to work quickly and stay working longer. Lithium batteries are maintenance-free and utilize opportunity charging to minimize downtime. Finally, the battery lifetime of a lithium battery is twice as long as that of comparable lead-acid and gel batteries.

Benefits of Lithium Batteries

Outlast Your Competition

Lithium batteries have a significantly longer lifetime than comparable lead-acid and gel batteries.

These batteries are specifically designed to keep warehouse machinery charged longer and require less capacity to do the same amount of work. Berry Material Handling offers a complete line of lithium batteries for all truck types. Each lithium battery utilizes an active battery management system that transfers energy between cells, significantly increasing battery lifetime and available power of the battery.

Lower Costs

No battery rooms, fewer replacements, efficient charging, and fewer batteries per truck save you money with lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries eliminate the need to build and maintain costly battery rooms. Now you can optimize warehouse space and capitalize on shorter battery charge times. Lithium batteries are easily charged on the lift truck with a simple connection of the charger to the truck. Lithium Frost batteries can even be charged without leaving the cold storage warehouse.

Over time, Lithium batteries can reduce forklift fleet ownership costs by 50%. Lithium batteries enable you to skip additional investments in battery rooms, battery maintenance, and battery maintenance staff. A single lithium battery can replace a traditional double lead-acid battery set-up on many lift trucks, reducing the number of batteries require to power a fleet. Longer battery lifetimes and lower electricity usage means you also save on replacement batteries and electricity costs. You’ll notice the difference shorter charge times, longer battery operating time, and opportunity charging during work breaks can make in your level of production.


Designed to work in any warehouse, Classic Lithium and Lithium Frost keep your fleet moving every day of the week.


Berry Material carries the M1007 and M1007-480 models from Flight Systems, which are custom designed to analyze, desulfate, restore and maintain industrial batteries which are commonly used in forklifts. Let us rejuvenate your batteries and make them like new again. 


Battery Regeneration can maintain the capacity of your fleets batteries between 90% and 100%. By using the latest and most effective technologies, we contribute to the health of our planet by prolonging service life of the batteries, reducing the amount of lead waste and also reducing electricity consumption.

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