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EnerSys Ironclad

EnerSys Ironclad®

EnerSys is the world’s largest industrial battery company offering a broad line of battery chargers for electric forklifts, mining and ground support equipment, and AGV’s. Their roots go back to 1888 to pack over a century of design innovation and commitment to quality into their EnerSys Ironclad and General Battery brand batteries and chargers.

At the heart of every EnerSys Ironclad® battery is their exclusive technology, called the Ironclad Effect. When compared to conventional flat plate or round tube batteries, the Ironclad “square tube” positive plate design provides greater surface area for holding active material and exposing it to electrolyte. The result is a chemical reaction that provides more power over longer periods of time and higher voltages under load. This unique construction delivers the power you need to maximize production on every shift – every day.

Enforcer Charger


Chargers made by EnerSys® have always been known for their unsurpassed quality and reliability. Now we’ve unified all of our charger brand names under one new symbol for excellence: EnforcerTM

EnForcer chargers are supported by the EnerSys national service network, the largest, strongest, company-backed service and support team in the business.

Whether it’s cost saving or traditional technology, EnForcer chargers from EnerSys deliver what you need.


Deka Industrial Motive Power Batteries

Decrease downtime and increase profitability with Deka industrial motive power batteries. Available in a wide range of sizes and AH capacities. Deka delivers dependable power for all of your material handling needs. Made in the U.S.A.

Dependable chargers are essential to keeping your batteries operational. Deka offers a complete line of Ferroresonant and SCR industrial chargers with a full range of rating and control designs. Our quality chargers provide multiple recharge and diagnostic options that can be perfectly matched to your application.


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