Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet rack is one of the most commonly used systems in manufacturing and distribution operations. Selective racking systems consist of vertical uprights that support horizontal beams that lock in to form each pallet level. Pallets are then placed directly on the beams or on wire deck that drops onto the beams for additional support. Each bay is one pallet deep so this system is most commonly used in businesses that have a variety of products or SKU’s that need to be easily accessible for picking. Rows of selective rack can be singular and accessible from both sides or stacked back-to-back for additional storage and accessible from only one side.

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Steel King Excalibur Distributor

Berry Material Handling is proud to be a Steel King Excalibur Dealer. Steel King is a leader in the manufacture and integration of material handling products and systems for improving operational efficiency in manufacturing, assembly, distribution centers, storage facilities and warehousing. We work closely with Steel King to design systems for our customer’s specific applications.

Roll-Form Closed Tube Rack

Roll-formed steel is a popular and versatile selection for pallet racking due to its light weight. With today’s demand for safe, high performance structures, Steel King’s roll-formed racking has become an industry standard. It’s boltless design makes it easy to assemble without tools.

The columns and beams are formed from high-strength American-made steel, continuously welded into closed-back sections, providing exceptional strength and dramatically increased durability compared to other products on the market.

Teardrop Pallet Rack

The strength of Steel King’s SK2000® closed-back upright frames make our rack safer and more functional than open-back rack. In fact, independent engineering tests have confirmed that, when compared to open-back column, SK2000® pallet racking has:

  •    250% more front impact strength
  •    44 times more twist resistance
  •    68% more side impact resistance


Steel King’s exclusive Quick Ship program makes ordering the most popular Steel King® products, including the original 100% tubular SK2000® pallet rack, easy and painless.

With our Quick Ship program, you can get your rack components, industrial containers, industrial guard rail, portable racks, accessories, and wire decking in one shipment – with only one invoice to follow. Steel King®, utilizing its national purchasing power, has negotiated extremely favorable LTL rates from both our Sauk Village, IL, and Rome, GA, Quick Ship Facilities.

Need Installation & Maintenance Services?

Berry Material Handling offers installation for all major material handling products as well as custom fabrication for your special projects. We can also tailor preventative maintenance and service programs to identify problems before they arise, helping to reduce costly breakdowns and downtime. We customize the maintenance to fit your needs and provide services including equipment review, lubrication, tightening and adjustments.

Additional Resources

Still needing more information? Check out the SK2000 / SK2500 Brochure and Capacity Chart below.


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