Food Processing

Don’t just meet food safety regulations – exceed them

According to the last Food Industry Counsel (FIC) report, 542 incidents resulted in nearly 96 million pounds of food recalled in a year – that’s roughly 176,000 pounds per incident.

You can’t afford to settle

From receiving raw materials to the production line and beyond, contamination can come from many places. Your facility deserves smart solutions that can help you reduce risk while maximizing efficiency.

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Food Processing Challenges

Just ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. Get the right tools to protect your operation from contamination.

Make food safety non-negotiable  

  • Utilize food grade lubricants that are USDA inspection-ready and non-toxic 
  • Reduce bacteria absorption by using impenetrable materials    
  • Achieve greater transparency and help to preserve food in appropriate cold temperatures  

Equipment Durability

Don’t settle for dated, disconnected equipment. It’s time for quality, technology-driven equipment built to withstand your most extreme operating conditions – while reducing your overall cost of maintenance and operation.

Keep going through exposure to corrosive agents 

  • Help protect against harsh, corrosive elements with galvanized products 
  • Help reduce food contamination by reducing rust and repainting needs 
  • Overcome sanitation challenges with impenetrable materials 

Labor Retention

Getting the job done in an increasingly competitive labor market demands tools that help make the most of the workers you do have – and helps retain them.

Increase operator efficiency and reduce turnover 

  • Redirect workers to more value-added work by delegating repetitive tasks to robotics 
  • Offer advanced ergonomics to help reduce discomfort related to equipment operation 
  • Enhance training and protection with operator assist systems

Tight Profit Margins

With intense competition and growing costs, the same old, tired solutions won’t do. You need to set new standards for efficiency and performance to protect tight margins. 

Increase profitability and bring more to the table 

  • Automate repetitive tasks and help reduce operating costs by up to 70% 
  • Right-size your fleet, reduce administrative costs and extend equipment life  
  • Simplify checklists and streamline processes with telematics  

Sustainability Goals

Now more than ever, lift truck technology can help you reduce emissions, fuel consumption and maintenance costs while boosting performance.

Cut emissions and energy costs 

  • Get the power to choose the motive power solution that best fits your goals 
  • Utilize fleet management to help monitor and maintain optimal operating efficiency 
  • Simplify and trace with telemetry


Proven Solutions

How Legal Sea Foods handles harsh environments

Exposing equipment to harsh, corrosive environments can increase the likelihood of downtime and lead to a shorter useful life.  Learn how Legal Foods got two additional years out of their lift trucks.

Reclaim your space

By changing their lift truck power source from leadacid batteries to hydrogen fuel cells, this food producer not only reclaimed floor space for operational use, but greatly increased productivity, enabling trucks to run at full power until depletion, all shift long.

Reinforce operating best practices

Support operator awareness and best practices with powerful operator assist technology that provides not only dynamic alerts, but automatic truck performance adjustments such as speed reduction, load stability controls and more. 

Make food safety a priority

Product contamination from exposure to lift truck lubricant can be disastrous, especially if your product ships before contamination is detected. Don’t leave your operation at risk.

Unlock cost savings and performance

One-size does not fit all. With the industry’s widest range of motive power sources from your choice of brands, you can get the best solution based on the unique needs of your operation – not limited choices and manufacturer compatibility challenges.

Make data a competitive advantage

Dated, disconnected equipment isn’t the path to best-in-class status with increased productivity and reduced total cost of operation. Discover how technology like telematics can help optimize your fleet, from adjusting size and composition to reducing maintenance costs and idle time.

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