Guard Rail

Guard Rail

Our Stocked Items

    • Double high (42″) inline
    • Corner double high steel post 42″
    • Inline single high steel post, 18″H, yellow
    • Corner single high steel post, 18″H, yellow
  • GR02YW
    • 2ft Bolted railing, 20″ actual, yellow
  • GR04YW
    • 4ft Bolted railing, 44″ actual, yellow
  • GR05YW
    • 5ft Bolted railing, 56″ actual, yellow
  • GR06YW
    • 6ft Bolted railing, 68″ actual, yellow
  • GR07YW
    • 7ft Bolted railing, 80″ actual, yellow
  • GR08YW
    • 8ft Bolted railing, 92″ actual, yellow
  • GR10YW
    • 10ft Bolted railing, 116″ actual, yellow

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Getting Started

Need help designing your guard rail system? We’re here to help! These are the basics:

  • Choose the height of your system. Steel Guard® is available in either single or double high.
  • Choose Post Type. Standard corner posts are available. Center posts are available in four options: standard, standard offset, end offset and side offset.
  • Choose your rail lengths. Note that rails are measured from post-to-post, on center; actual rail component will be 4″ shorter than the specified length on Steel Guard. Lift-out pockets increase center-to-center dimension by 1″.
  • Choose bolted or lift-out rail. The lift-out rail provides equipment protection while still enabling easy access when needed.
  • Choose your configuration. Options include straight, optional side angled, and vertically angled.

Protect Yourself and Your Workspace

Protect these and many other valuable areas in your facility with heavy duty guard rail:

  • Worker areas
  • Aisles
  • Work platforms
  • In-plant offices
  • Building walls
  • Rack aisle ends
  • Conveyors
  • Inventory areas
  • Pedestrian aisles
  • Loading docks
  • Electrical panels
  • HVAC equipment
  • Freezer/cooler panels
  • Controls and computer consoles


Steel King’s exclusive Quick Ship program makes ordering the most popular Steel King® products, including the original 100% tubular SK2000® pallet rack, easy and painless.

With our Quick Ship program, you can get your rack components, industrial containers, industrial guard rail, portable racks, accessories, and wire decking in one shipment – with only one invoice to follow. Steel King®, utilizing its national purchasing power, has negotiated extremely favorable LTL rates from both our Sauk Village, IL, and Rome, GA, Quick Ship Facilities.

Need Installation & Maintenance Services?

Berry Material Handling offers installation for all major material handling products as well as custom fabrication for your special projects. We can also tailor preventative maintenance and service programs to identify problems before they arise, helping to reduce costly breakdowns and downtime. We customize the maintenance to fit your needs and provide services including equipment review, lubrication, tightening and adjustments.


Need a quote? Not sure which warehouse product is right for your application? Need to place an order? Call one of our knowledgeable sales reps today!


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