Drowning in SKUs?

Are your forklift operators drowning in SKUs?

Don’t let consumer demand for greater beverage selection, countless size and quantity mixes and endless convenience outlets drown your operations. Get equipment engineered to handle and deliver more.

We Can Help

From handling raw materials to delivering finished product into the hands of your customers, you need reliable material handling solutions to keep you moving.

Whether you need to eliminate product touches, boost awareness or automate processes, Yale has what you need to reduce bottlenecks slowing down your operations.

Need help finding the right solution? Connect with our beverage experts or see our lift trucks in action.

Incidents & Safety

Don’t let incidents, OSHA fines and downtime bring your operation to a screeching halt. Take action with forklift operator awareness and product safety solutions to help mitigate risk across your facility.

Enhance Awareness & Stability

Promote awareness and help reduce incidents with Yale® Reliant, a technology suite that automatically adjusts lift truck performance based on real-time conditions.

  • Detect tagged trucks and pedestrians in proximity (360˚)
  • Monitor and detect objects in the path of travel and identify trucks/pedestrians out of line of sight
  • Adjust travel speeds and hydraulic functions while maintaining truck stability
  • Monitor forklift location, exclusion zones, lift height restrictions and more

Make beverage safety non-negotiable

Protect equipment against contamination and boost sanitation/disinfection on all touch points.

  • Reduce bacteria absorption by using impenetrable materials
  • Achieve greater transparency to help isolate concerns to reduce product loss
  • Utilize food-grade lubricants that are non-toxic and USDA inspection ready

Delivery Expectations

Replenish your products in confidence across pothole-ridden parking lots, curbs, and door jams to meet increasing direct-store delivery demands.

  • Empower your operators with features that increase greater maneuverability in tight spaces and on the lift gate
  • Keep loads stable and secure with auxiliary traction and moveable load backrest
  • Return empty with charging capabilities up to 2x faster and last longer with lithium-ion batteries

Labor & Productivity

Nearly half (47%) of those in the beverage supply chain find the lack of skilled workers to be their greatest challenge. Your lift trucks must run at optimal performance, while providing ergonomic benefits to keep your operators at their peak.

Optimize labor resources in beverage operations

Don’t let labor shortages hold your operations hostage. Gain independence and reduce the risk of mishaps and maintenance costs from inexperienced operators.

  • Improve retention by promoting skilled labor to more engaging roles
  • Enhance picking accuracy and transport efficiency
  • Reduce unnecessary product/facility damage
  • Limit product touches and human error
  • Provide greater obstacle and pedestrian detection

Promote supply chain productivity

Make the most out of scarce resources with simplified battery maintenance, charging and replacement processes to help increase uptime and productivity.

  • Eliminate battery maintenance downtime
  • Opportunity charge and reach up to 8 hours of continuous runtime
  • Fully charge in 1-2 hours, no cool down needed
  • Providing consistent power throughout discharge cycle
  • Improve operator ergonomic seat position and comfort with increased head and leg room

Attract & retain forklift drivers

Give your drivers the confidence to move more cases easier, and in less time from trailer lift gates, across unforgiving terrain and through narrow convenience store aisles.

  • Helps reduce the physical stress to operator
  • Gain confidence in tight spaces with the minimized footprint of the lithium-ion battery pack, 25% shorter than lead-acid battery packs
  • Defy route and charging limitations to help reduce labor cost per case delivered, and help drivers achieve up to 11% greater productivity
  • Allow your operators to handle multiple pallet shapes and sizes with a single fork configuration using a multiple load backrest


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