Lift Truck Parts at our Kansas Locations

At Berry Material Handling we can help you find the right part at the right price for almost any make or model of forklift. With access to over 2 million parts for more than 90 brands, and 3800+ models – if we don’t have it in stock, we can get it to you quickly!  We also offer Price Comparisons, Recommended Spare Parts Lists, Forklift Maintenance Kits, Remanufactured Lift Parts, and more. Continue reading to see how Berry Material Handling can provide solutions for your material handling equipment parts and accessories needs.

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Yale Parts


Designed and engineered to maintain the quality of Yale® lift trucks, Yale Materials Handling Corporation and its authorized dealer network understand how downtime can have a significant impact on your material handling needs. This is why we have collectively invested in millions of dollars of inventory to help ensure you have the part when you need it. Yale’s world class Parts Distribution Center has the system in place to make sure we deliver the right part in the right amount of time.


Premier Program   Parts


Your source for Everyday Low Pricing on more than 2 Million parts that cover 90 different brands of materials handling equipment. Our PREMIER parts and service program is your convenient, competitively priced single source for everything from simple gaskets to complex transmission assemblies. Using state-of-the-art testing and analysis techniques throughout the development of replacement parts frequently makes them better than the original equipment parts they replace. To complete its offerings, our PREMIER program also provides material handling accessories and supply items. Ask us about our comprehensive offering of batteries as well.   We can help ensure you have the right battery for your application for both Internal Combustion and Electric powered materials handling equipment.


Lift Truck Parts Comparison AnalysisLift Trucks Parts in Kansas


Haven’t taken advantage of our PREMIER program? Let us provide you with a parts comparison to show you how much you could be saving through the PREMIER program. We can start with our list of common wear parts for your trucks, or you can provide us with a list of parts you consume on a regular basis. We’re confident you’ll realize a savings.


Recommended Spare Forklift Parts


If we’re not servicing your Yale®  lift trucks, we can still play a role in reducing your downtime. Immediate access to wear parts can add productive hours to your lift trucks. As a value-added service, we can provide common wear parts for stocking at your location, so you can spend more time moving product and less time waiting on parts. Ask us about providing you a Recommended Spare Parts List for your Yale lift truck.


Lift Truck Maintenance Repair KitsForklift Maintenance Repair Kits


Take advantage of the same best maintenance practices as our qualified technicians do.  The technicians at our KS shops take pride in completing a maintenance repair right the fist time by utilizing Maintenance Repair Kits. Over 1,200 kit opportunities are available for Yale lift trucks. From OM kits to Transmission Overhaul kits, we’ve got you covered. Reduce your chances of any re-work by relying on Maintenance Repair Kits to complete the repair initially.


Remanufactured Assemblies   Remanufactured Assemblies


Looking for economical solutions to new assemblies without sacrificing quality? Then our Remanufactured Parts program can be your solution. Choose from a wide selection – from alternators, to transmission assemblies, to water pumps. From Allis-ChalmersTM, to Hyster®, to Yale lift trucks. Ask about Berry Material’s complete offering of remanufactured components and assemblies to minimize the cost per operating hour of your fleet.

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